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Current Clients:

ZAC Telecom Consulting Inc. is currently under contract at Fort Monmouth, NJ as Design/Consultant for the Directorate of Information Management (DOIM) and Directorate of Public Works (DPW).

ZAC Telecom Consulting Inc. is also currently working with COMMSULT Communication Consulting at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in Morris Plains, NJ.

Government Work
■ Established Design Criteria and oversaw installation of 33,000 linear feet optical
fiber/conduit I3MP Infrastructure at Fort Monmouth.

■ Established Design Criteria and oversaw installation of 14,000 linear feet Diverse
Outside/Inside Plant Pathway and Optical Fiber Backbone/Conduit System between
Fort Monmouth, Charles Wood and Main Post Campuses.

■ Developed Design Criteria for Equipment Shelters for Fort Monmouth.

■ Assisted in Design to integrate Whelen Giant Loud Speaker System and
Valcom Building Paging Systems to comply with DOD requirements for
Mass Notification Systems at Fort Monmouth.

■ Acted as Technical Representative at several NETCOM and Source Selection
Committee Meetings for Fort Monmouth.

■ Developed and keep current DOIM/DPW Master Specifications
and Design Drawings for nearly 100 projects at Fort Monmouth.


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